• 12
  • Rob Cohen (2005)
  • US
  • 115 min
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Film Review
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2 out of 5

Think Top Gun meets WarGames and you've got the measure of this exceptionally silly B-movie action adventure from Rob Cohen, the director of xXx and The Fast and the Furious. Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx play top secret US Navy pilots who find themselves attempting to regain control of a "drone" plane piloted by a rogue computer (sounding like a mixture between Knight Rider's KITT and 2001's HAL) that, for reasons entirely of its own, has decided to bomb the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan. There's nothing inherently wrong with enjoying dumb movies like this, of course, but they have to be so deftly done that you can forgive the ludicrous premise and just enjoy the ride. Sadly, although Cohen directs the aerial footage with his usual hectic brio, Stealth's weaknesses - a lumpen screenplay, inept dialogue and uninteresting characters - make the gaps between the action feel very long indeed.

Plot Summary

Action adventure thriller starring Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx. Stealth bomber pilots Ben Gannon, Kara Wade and Henry Purcell embark upon a perilous mission to regain control of a computer-piloted plane that seems intent on bombing Tajikistan.

Cast and crew


Lt Ben Gannon
Josh Lucas
Lt Kara Wade
Jessica Biel
Lt Henry Purcell
Jamie Foxx
Capt George Cummings
Sam Shepard
Capt Dick Marshfield
Joe Morton
Keith Orbit
Richard Roxburgh
Lt Aaron Shaftsbury
Ian Bliss
Josh Hudson
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Naval controller
Michael Denkha
Master at Arms
Rocky Helton


Rob Cohen

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Sony Pictures
Edited for some of its violence and swearing.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 5 Aug 2005
Certificate 12
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment