John Woo (2003)

12A Certificate


Our Score
On paper, at least, this science-fiction thriller oozes potential. The film boasts Uma Thurman (red hot after Kill Bill), a script based on a Philip K Dick short story and action maestro John Woo as director. Unfortunately, it's a case of a nice idea poorly executed as electronics genius Ben Affleck undertakes the last in a series of lucrative, top-secret corporate projects that require a memory-wipe on completion. Emerging with no recollection of the three years that have passed, including a relationship with biologist Thurman, he's baffled to discover he's forfeited his pay in favour of an envelope of apparently worthless items. Woo's vision of the future is an uninspiring, under-stylised twist on the present, and the scanty use of his trademark set pieces, combined with Affleck and Thurman's unconvincing performances, make this pedestrian plodder a lazy disappointment. It feels more made-for-video than big budget and, though the picture narrowly escapes being a complete failure, you expect so much more from everyone involved.


An engineer carries out a top-secret job on the understanding that his knowledge of the task will be erased from his mind afterwards to protect his employer's intellectual property. However, waking after the memory-wiping procedure, he is shocked to learn he had somehow agreed to waive the huge payment due to him - and is wanted for a murder he does not remember committing. John Woo's thriller, starring Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart.

Cast & Crew

Michael Jennings Ben Affleck
Rethrick Aaron Eckhart
Rachel Porter Uma Thurman
Shorty Paul Giamatti
Wolfe Colm Feore
Agent Dodge Joe Morton
Agent Klein Michael C Hall
Maya / Rachel Ivana Milicevic
Jude Callum Keith Rennie
Director John Woo
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UIPGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 16 Jan 2004