Strange Planet

Strange Planet

Emma-Kate Croghan (1999)

15 Certificate


Our Score
An episodic romantic comedy from Australia about a year in the love lives of six men and women. Perceptive and engaging, Emma-Kate Croghan's follow-up to Love and Other Catastrophes features a trio of delightful performances from career girl Claudia Karvan, sweet but insecure Naomi Watts and quirky Alice Garner. The male characters are incredibly dull and self-absorbed in comparison. The film loses its perky momentum after a cracking first half, culminating in a matchmaking climax that's way too convenient. Luckily, the infectious energy - backed by a wonderful dance soundtrack - papers over most of the cracks in the script.


Six school graduates embark on a search for love and happiness, but must learn to cope with the trials of adulthood before they are reunited on the eve of the new millennium. Australian comedy, starring Naomi Watts, Claudia Karvan, Tom Long, Hugo Weaving and Aaron Jeffrey.

Cast & Crew

Judy Claudia Karvan
Alice Naomi Watts
Sally Alice Garner
Ewan Tom Long
Joel Aaron Jeffery
Neil Felix Williamson
Steven Hugo Weaving
Amanda Rebecca Frith
Director Emma-Kate Croghan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Redbus Distribution PlcGuidance: Contains swearing, drug abuse and sex scenes. Available on: videoReleased on: 21 Jan 2000