Christmas with the Kranks

  • PG
  • Joe Roth (2004)
  • US
  • 94 min
Christmas with the Kranks
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Film Review
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1 out of 5

No amount of seasonal spirit could inject any ho-ho-ho into this festive turkey. Adapted from John Grisham's novel Skipping Christmas, this is a soulless tale that raises so few laughs, it barely justifies its comedy label. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play the Kranks, a Chicago couple who incur the wrath of their local community when they decide to forgo Christmas and its associated trappings in favour of a luxury cruise. Poorly scripted and lazily directed, the film stamps all over individual thought and action, and instead celebrates herd mentality and excessive consumerism, unfairly painting its two lead characters as selfish villains. As the star of The Santa Clause movies, Allen is obviously used to yuletide nonsense, but even he flounders when faced with such unfunny material. The real tragedy here is Curtis, however, who totally wastes her ample comic talents on slapstick and shameful mugging.

Plot Summary

Seasonal comedy starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. After their daughter goes to Peru to serve with the Peace Corps, Luther and Nora Krank face their first Christmas alone. Miserable at the prospect, they decide to completely forget Yuletide and go on a Caribbean cruise. But their change of plan doesn't go smoothly.

Cast and crew


Luther Krank
Tim Allen
Nora Krank
Jamie Lee Curtis
Vic Frohmeyer
Dan Aykroyd
Spike Frohmeyer
Erik Per Sullivan
Officer Salino
Richard "Cheech" Marin
Officer Treen
Jake Busey
Walt Scheel
M Emmet Walsh
Bev Scheel
Elizabeth Franz
Mr Scanlon
Kevin Chamberlin
Blair Krank
Julie Gonzalo
Umbrella Santa / Marty
Austin Pendleton
Father Zabriskie
Tom Poston


Joe Roth

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Columbia TriStar
Available on DVD
Released 3 Dec 2004
Certificate PG
Columbia/Tri-Star Home Video