Town on Trial

  • John Guillermin (1956)
  • UK
  • 96 min
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2 out of 5

In this very British whodunnit, John Mills stars as a Scotland Yard detective who's called in to investigate unsavoury goings-on in an English town. A woman with a dubious reputation has been found dead on club property and there's no shortage of suspects for Mills to grill, all of whom seem to have a dodgy past. It's a modest mystery in the Agatha Christie tradition, and it offers a modicum of tension.

Plot Summary

Murder mystery starring John Mills as a Scotland Yard detective sent to a quiet English town to investigate the murder of a local girl.

Cast and crew


Supt Mike Halloran
John Mills
Dr John Fenner
Charles Coburn
Elizabeth Fenner
Barbara Bates
Mark Roper
Derek Farr
Peter Crowley
Alec McCowen
Fiona Dixon
Elizabeth Seal
Mr Dixon
Geoffrey Keen
Helen Dixon
Margaretta Scott
Mrs Crowley
Fay Compton
Molly Stevens
Magda Miller
Sgt Rogers
Meredith Edwards
Sgt Beale
Harry Locke
Dr Reese
Raymond Huntley
Harry Fowler
Mrs Wilson
Dandy Nichols


John Guillermin

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Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Marksman Prods Ltd