Pal Joey

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  • George Sidney (2) (1957)
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  • 104 min
Pal Joey
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3 out of 5

Frank Sinatra's expert delivery of some great Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart songs, which include The Lady Is a Tramp and My Funny Valentine, more than makes up for the whitewash here of the black-hearted hero from the stage version. Joey is now a crooner, not a hoofer as on stage, and his lust for bed (on the make for fading star Rita Hayworth, but really loving Kim Novak, in a rather pallid turn) and bright lights has been toned down for an out-of-kilter happy ending. The heel proves to have a soul, which is rather a pity as novelist John O'Hara's original Broadway exposé deserves a more sarcastic treatment.

Plot Summary

Musical comedy starring Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak. Charming singer Joey Evans arrives in San Francisco to work in a seedy nightclub and is determined to make it big. However, he scores his biggest hits with a wealthy socialite and a chorus-line beauty, forcing him to choose between easy success and true love.

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Joey Evans
Frank Sinatra
Vera Simpson
Rita Hayworth
Linda English
Kim Novak
Barbara Nichols
Ned Galvin
Bobby Sherwood
Mike Miggins
Hank Henry
Mrs Casey
Elizabeth Patterson


George Sidney (2)

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