Flying Leathernecks

Flying Leathernecks

Nicholas Ray (1951)

PG Certificate
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Our Score
This trite reworking by Nicholas Ray of many themes (and characters) familiar from films such as Howard Hawks's masterly 1943 movie Air Force is corny, obvious and not really good enough. John Wayne and particularly Robert Ryan seem distinctly uncomfortable in their leading roles, flying studio mock-ups of planes against Technicolor back projection and dutifully conveying a gung-ho spirit without any real enthusiasm. The acting honours are stolen by grizzled veteran Jay C Flippen, who's well cast as a wily sergeant, but this must go down as another terribly disappointing early work from Ray, whose Rebel without a Cause remains a key movie of the 1950s.


A tough officer in the marine flying corps is placed in command of a squadron, and finds them poorly disciplined. He enters into a battle of wills with his easy-going second-in-command, a gifted pilot but a poor leader, over the best way to proceed as they prepare to go into battle in Guadalcanal. Second World War adventure, starring John Wayne and Robert Ryan.

Cast & Crew

Maj Dan Kirby John Wayne
Capt Carl Griffin Robert Ryan
Joan Kirby Janis Carter
Master Sgt Clancy Jay C Flippen
Lt `Cowboy' Blithe Don Taylor
Curan William Harrigan
Shorty Vegay Maurice Jara
Lt Bert Malotke Adam Williams
Director Nicholas Ray
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures LtdAvailable on: video and DVD