Prairie Fever

Prairie Fever

Stephen Bridgewater (2008)

PG Certificate


Our Score
In this watchable western, Kevin Sorbo plays a drunken ex-lawman who gets a customary shot at redemption when he's asked to escort three rejected mail-order brides across harsh terrain to Carson City. Suffering what the townsfolk call "prairie fever", the women (among them a showy Dominique Swain) give an unusual and interesting slant to an otherwise archetypal mix of characters and events, but frustratingly the plotline only deals superficially with the roots of their anguish. Instead of poignant emotional depth, there's lots of theatrical looniness - unconvincing behaviour remedied by laughably simplistic solutions. Meanwhile, vindictive villains (including cardsharp Lance Henriksen) conform to the standard genre clichés, cluttering up the narrative as it rushes to its wishy-washy conclusion.


After snapping under the strain of frontier life, three mail-order brides are escorted back to civilisation by a drunken former sheriff. Along the way, he encounters a conwoman on the run and enlists her help in protecting the trio - but his new friend's abusive husband is on their trail. Western, starring Kevin Sorbo, Dominique Swain and Lance Henriksen.

Cast & Crew

Sheriff Preston Biggs Kevin Sorbo
Monte James Lance Henriksen
Abigail Dominique Swain
Olivia Thibodeaux Jamie Anne Allman
Lettie Jillian Armenante
Blue Felicia Day
James Don Swayze
Sheriff Logan Chris McKenna
Director Stephen Bridgewater
Director David S Cass Sr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.