Alien Cargo

Alien Cargo

Mark Haber (1999)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An unremarkable variation on the Alien paradigm, as yet another isolated spacecraft is invaded by a sinister life form while the best part of its crew is in hypersleep. Jason London and Missy Crider are the two crew members who awaken for a prearranged tryst only to discover that the previous shift is dead and something nasty has hitched a ride with them. The storyline is overly familiar, but director Mark Haber still manages to wring a few surprises from the material and the two leads deliver gutsy performances.


A handful of voyagers aboard a deep space freighter awaken from hibernation to find their fellow crew-members missing and a deadly extraterrestrial life-form prowling the ship. Sci-fi thriller, starring Warwick Young, Missy Crider and Jason London.

Cast & Crew

Chris Jason London
Theta Missy Crider
Director Mark Haber

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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video