Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion

Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion

Rob Hedden (2000)

12 Certificate
Our Score


A secret government agency hatches a plot to fake an imminent alien invasion so the president can justify the launching of a satellite weapon. But it soon emerges that there really is an armada poised to attack the Earth if the device is launched. Sci-fi thriller, starring Dale Midkiff and Stephen Tobolowsky.

Cast & Crew

Bill Templer Dale Midkiff
BJ McQueen Stephen Tobolowsky
Jack the Realitor Kelly Perine
Dr Sydney Templer Grace Phillips
Laird Jones Scott Lowell
Jamison Collier Paul Schulze
Kendra Van Dillion Whitney Dylan
Secretary of Defense Greg Callahan
Director Rob Hedden
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video