Alien Hunter

  • 15
  • Ron Krauss (2003)
  • US / Bul
  • 87 min
Alien Hunter
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Film Review
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2 out of 5

Contrary to its misleading title, there's not much extraterrestrial hunting going on in this flimsy and derivative sci-fi thriller. In fact, the stereotyped characters do more sitting around and talking than anything else, as cryptologist James Spader helps unfeasibly good-looking polar scientists decode radio signals emitting from a mysterious object discovered in the Antarctic ice. Though an engaging Spader's hardly stretching himself (basically reprising his Stargate role), he and his fellow cast members make the most of the limited material: earnestly rising above the mounting implausibilities and stitched-together ideas, stolen from the likes of Alien and John Carpenter's The Thing. Claustrophobic visuals and an urgent soundtrack provide a reasonable splash of atmosphere, while the special effects and criminally underused alien are surprisingly decent for a TV movie.

Plot Summary

Science-fiction thriller starring James Spader. Code-breaker Julian Rome is sent to a research base in the wilds of the Antarctic to decipher mysterious messages. But while a team nearby investigate a similarly mysterious shell, Julian discovers to his dismay that this object from outer space should not be opened.

Cast and crew


Julian Rome
James Spader
Dr Kate Brecher
Janine Eser
Dr Michael Straub
John Lynch
Dr Alexi Gierach
Nikolai Binev
Nyla Olson
Leslie Stefanson
Shelly Klein
Aimee Graham
Carl Lewis
Svetla Vasileva


Ron Krauss

Other Information

Violence, swearing
Available on DVD
Certificate 15