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  • Christopher Nolan (2002)
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4 out of 5

Based on the 1997 Norwegian blockbuster of the same name, this skilfully directed psychodrama from Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight) proves that hit European movies can be remade successfully. Alaska provides a visually arresting backdrop for an unhinged noir nightmare that sees hard-boiled LAPD detective Al Pacino sent to a small fishing town to investigate the brutal murder of a teenager. When he mistakenly kills his partner on a fudged stakeout and blames the hunted assassin (Robin Williams) who saw what he did, the killer blackmails him into pinning both deaths on someone else. And so a convoluted cat-and-mouse game begins with Pacino - terminally sleepless from the endless daylight - barely staying one-step ahead in the evidence-planting conspiracy while trying to conceal his own crime. Dwelling on the far more compelling issues of ethical decay and moral breakdown than the whodunnit aspects, Nolan's inventive thriller is intensely gripping throughout and sees Pacino on dynamite form.

Plot Summary

Psychological crime thriller starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams. LAPD detectives Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart find respite from charges of corruption by flying to a remote town in Alaska to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. After accidentally killing Eckhart while chasing a suspect, Dormer is contacted by writer Walter Finch, who admits to witnessing Dormer shoot his partner but wants something in return for his silence.

Cast and crew


Will Dormer
Al Pacino
Walter Finch
Robin Williams
Ellie Burr
Hilary Swank
Rachel Clement
Maura Tierney
Hap Eckhart
Martin Donovan (2)
Fred Duggar
Nicky Katt
Randy Stetz
Jonathan Jackson
Chief Charles Nyback
Paul Dooley
Oliver "Ole" Zemen
Larry Holden
Tanya Francke
Katharine Isabelle


Christopher Nolan

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Theatrical distributor: 
Buena Vista
Violence, swearing, nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Released 30 Aug 2002
Certificate 15