Room to Rent

Room to Rent

Khaled El Hagar (2000)

15 Certificate


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Here's a movie that proves the British film industry is becoming as multi-ethnic as Britain itself. It's directed by an Anglophile Egyptian, and stars the French-born Moroccan Saïd Taghmaoui (from La Haine) as Ali, a student from Egypt struggling to become a successful screenwriter before the expiry of his visa. Essentially a series of encounters with characters Ali meets as he flits in and out of a succession of rented London rooms, this combination of drama, comedy and tinges of the fantastical does not really gel. The least successful characters tend to be the most contrived, including a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (US "import" Juliette Lewis) and a blind woman (Anna Massey) who believes Ali to be the reincarnation of her long-dead Egyptian lover. However, vibrant performances and realistic location shooting just about shade things in its favour.


An aspiring writer decides to leave his native Egypt and head for the bright lights of London - but fame does not come easily, and he soon falls in with a bohemian crowd of ne'er-do-well artists and performers. Comedy drama, starring Juliette Lewis, Rupert Graves and Said Taghmaoui.

Cast & Crew

Ali Saïd Taghmaoui
Linda Juliette Lewis
Mark Rupert Graves
Sarah Stevenson Anna Massey
Ahmed Karim Belkhadra
Vivienne Clémentine Célarié
Director Khaled El Hagar
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: PathéGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and some sex scenes.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 22 Jun 2001