Edward Dmytryk (1952)

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A rousing action adventure aboard a war ship on the high seas during the War of 1812. An event-filled plot involves a heroic sea captain (Mark Stevens), a mutinous English sailor (Patric Knowles), and a duplicitous firebrand (Angela Lansbury) who is the object of both their affections. Mutiny, gold bullion, the sinking of British ships, and a horde of colourful peg-leg and one-eyed pirates are all on hand to add to the excitement.


The captain of an American ship during the War of Independence finds himself at the mercy of a gang of vicious mutineers loyal to Britain. However, he soon discovers their motive for the uprising is nothing more than a love of gold. Nautical adventure, starring Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury and Patric Knowles.

Cast & Crew

James Marshall Mark Stevens
Leslie Angela Lansbury
Ben Waldridge Patric Knowles
Hook Gene Evans
Redlegs Rhys Williams
Faversham Robert Osterloh
Sykes Peter Brocco
Director Edward Dmytryk
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour