The Fiend

The Fiend

Robert Hartford-Davis (1971)

X Certificate


Our Score
This unnerving stalk 'n' slash horror offering marries religious mania to Peeping Tom-style voyeuristic repression. With a tagline that proclaims "It's a sickness of the soul!" and an opening in which a christening is cross-cut with a murder, it's clear that emotionally stunted Tony Beckley is not going to be fit to wear the policeman's uniform that he hides behind while pursuing his savage quest. However, it's only after his diabetic mother, played by Ann Todd, suffers under the manic hand of Bible-thumping Patrick Magee that Beckley demonstrates the full horror of his insanity. Sending a giallo chill through London's seedier streets, director Robert Hartford-Davis can't be accused of subtlety, but this is still a deeply disturbing film.


Drama about a family who find themselves gradually drawn into the deadly schemes of a mentally disturbed religious cult leader. Ronald Allen, Tony Beckley, Percy Herbert and Madeline Hind star.

Cast & Crew

Birdie Wemys Ann Todd
Minister Patrick Magee
Kenny Wemys Tony Beckley
Brigitte Lynch Madeline Hinde
Paddy Lynch Suzanna Leigh
Commissionaire Percy Herbert
CID Inspector David Lodge
Paul Ronald Allen
Director Robert Hartford-Davis
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.