Conspirators of Pleasure

Conspirators of Pleasure

Jan Svankmajer (1996)

18 Certificate


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Focusing on the antics of some lonely Prague neighbours, Jan Svankmajer's darkly subversive satire explores everything from de Sade and Freud to the nature of political freedom, the influence of the media and the possibility of happiness in a world primed to prevent it. From the man making papier-mâché chickens out of porn mags and umbrellas to the postwoman with a bagful of breadcrumbs, the gallery of eccentrics is both sinister and sympathetic; the performances are all the more remarkable considering each curious fantasy is acted out in silence. Exhilarating, unnerving and, even without the trademark animation, very Svankmajer.


Six residents of Prague harbour secret obsessions. A letter carrier eats balls of dough, two neighbours fantasise about committing ritual acts of violence against each other, a man builds a machine to bring him sexual satisfaction, while the newsreader he lusts after has a fetish for fish and her husband makes sado-masochistic devices. Satirical comedy, starring Petr Meissel and Gabriela Wilhelmova. In Czech.

Cast & Crew

Mr Peony Petr Meissel
Mrs Loubalova Gabriela Wilhelmova
Mrs Malkova the postmistress Barbara Hrzanova
Mrs Beltinska the newscaster Anna Wetlinska
Mr Kula the news vendor Jiri Labus
Mr Beltinska the police commissioner Pavel Novy
Director Jan Svankmajer
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Other Information

ColourGuidance: Nudity, sex scenes.Available on: video and DVD