Hart's War

  • 15
  • Gregory Hoblit (2002)
  • US
  • 119 min
Hart's War
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3 out of 5

Having dominated the Vietnam War drama Tigerland, Colin Farrell again impresses in uniform as he defends a black pilot from a trumped-up murder charge in this workmanlike adaptation of John Katzenbach's novel set in a German PoW camp. Dispensing with combat action after the compelling cross-country opening, director Gregory Hoblit laudably concentrates on exposing the pernicious racism that existed within the US armed services during the Second World War. So the emphasis on courtroom drama rather than an escape subplot means this tale resembles A Few Good Men rather than Stalag 17, with too many key incidents occurring off-screen and therefore straining credibility. Nominal star Bruce Willis as the camp's senior American officer is underused and his characterisation pales significantly beside Marcel Iures's cultured Nazi commandant.

Plot Summary

Second World War courtroom drama starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell. When a racist is murdered in a Nazi PoW camp, a rookie officer is given the job of defending the chief suspect in a hastily convened trial.

Cast and crew


Col William A McNamara
Bruce Willis
Lt Thomas W Hart
Colin Farrell (2)
Lt Lincoln A Scott
Terrence Howard
Staff Sgt Vic W Bedford
Cole Hauser
Col Werner Visser
Marcel Iures
Capt Peter A Ross
Linus Roache
Sgt Carl S Webb
Rory Cochrane
Pfc W Roy Potts
Michael Weston
Lt Lamar T Archer
Vicellous Reon Shannon
Pte Daniel Abrams
Adrian Grenier
Cpl BJ "Depot" Guidry
Sam Worthington


Gregory Hoblit

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Violence, swearing and brief nudity.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Released 24 May 2002
Certificate 15