Man of the East

Man of the East

Enzo Barboni (1972)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Terence Hill stars here in another of his jokey spaghetti western outings, playing an English gent who follows in his dead father's footsteps and heads to the Wild West. But his foppish ways soon cause a stir among the townsfolk, and it's left to his pop's three outlaw buddies to whip him into manly shape. There are the requisite slapstick barroom brawls, plus romantic interest in the shape of the daughter of a land-grabbing rancher, with the action meandering along towards a showdown between Hill's blue-eyed boy and the sharp-shooting varmint who wants him out of town. At two hours the film certainly overstays its welcome, but Hill's transformation from wet Brit to rugged, tobaccie-spitting cowpoke is quite fun, while the lush Yugoslav locations are pleasing to the eye.


A son honours his dying father's last wish and travels to the Wild West to become a real man. Despite having three teachers to train him in the ways of bravery, the lessons do not seem to be having an impact, until he is forced to defend himself against a jealous gunman. Comedy Western, starring Terence Hill, Gregory Walcott and Yanti Somer.

Cast & Crew

Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore Terence Hill
Bull Schmidt Gregory Walcott
Candida Austin Yanti Somer
Monkey Smith Dominic Barto
Director Enzo Barboni

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp LtdAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama