The Limping Man

The Limping Man

Charles de Lautour (1953)

A Certificate


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Basically this is just another of those 1950s British B-thrillers in which an American visitor to England finds himself up to his neck in trouble from the moment he lands. This time Lloyd Bridges is the minor Hollywood star whose casting ensured an American release. An implausible story of murder and mystery unfolds, redeemed (or not, according to taste) by a "twist" ending. Bridges had made The Sound of Fury, a remarkable film noir, in Hollywood for director Cy Endfield and here they were reunited. The blacklisted Endfield was reduced to working on films like this without credit alongside the named director, Charles de Lautour.


An ex-GI returns to England intending to rekindle a wartime romance, only to get embroiled in murder and espionage. Crime thriller, starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister and Leslie Phillips.

Cast & Crew

Frank Prior Lloyd Bridges
Pauline Moira Lister
Helene Helene Cordet
Cameron Leslie Phillips
Inspector Braddock Alan Wheatley
Kendal Brown Bruce Beeby
Director Charles de Lautour
Director Cy Endfield
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eros FilmsGuidance: Some violenceAvailable on: DVD