Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

Anthony Mann (1953)

U Certificate


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In this disappointing Universal adventure, James Stewart and Dan Duryea play business partners who drill for oil off the Louisiana coast and threaten the local shrimp industry. "They wanted a picture with Jimmy Stewart and we concocted one," Stewart said later of this heavily contrived effort that isn't a patch on the great series of westerns he made with the same director, Anthony Mann. It's the sort of movie that's made by numbers: a bit of action, a bit of romance, a bit of capitalist conflict, and when that gets monotonous the weather turns bad.


A former Navy engineer comes up with a plan to establish an offshore oil drilling site on the Louisiana coast. However, his scheme is threatened by dangerous weather conditions, his own treacherous financial backers, and irate locals who fear for their fishing business. Action adventure, with James Stewart and Joanne Dru.

Cast & Crew

Steve Martin James Stewart
Stella Rigaud Joanne Dru
Johnny Gambi Dan Duryea
Teche Bossier Gilbert Roland
Francesca Rigaud Marcia Henderson
Phillipe Bayard Robert Monet
Kermit MacDonald Jay C Flippen
Dominique Rigaud Antonio Moreno
Rawlings Harry Morgan
Sheriff Chighizola Fortunio Bonanova
Louis Chighizola Mario Siletti
Joe Sephalu Antonio Filauri
Director Anthony Mann
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD