Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Victor Fleming (1941)

A Certificate


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Director Victor Fleming's first film after Gone with the Wind was this lavish MGM treatment of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic good-versus-evil cautionary tale. The focus here is less on the horror of the situation than the bad doctor's emotional turmoil, which is rendered in complex Freudian terms to little dramatic effect. As a result, this is a poor if occasionally scary relation to the superior 1931 version, which starred Fredric March. Spencer Tracy adds scant shading to either side of his split personality, despite an impressive and sinister transformation montage. It's still worth seeing for the production standards and the luminescent Ingrid Bergman.


A respected Victorian physician becomes obsessed with the nature of good and evil, and performs experiments that turn him into a monster. Horror, starring Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner.

Cast & Crew

Dr Harry Jekyll / Mr Hyde Spencer Tracy
Ivy Peterson Ingrid Bergman
Beatrix Emery Lana Turner
Sir Charles Emery Donald Crisp
Dr John Lanyon Ian Hunter (1)
Sam Higgins Barton MacLane
The bishop C Aubrey Smith
Poole Peter Godfrey
Director Victor Fleming
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-MayerAvailable on: DVD