Nick Castle (1993)

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This adaptation of Hank Ketcham's comic strip was released as Dennis the Menace in the US, but shortened simply to Dennis in this country to avoid confusion with The Beano's tousle-haired terror. Often very funny, but just as often painfully poor, the film is directed by Nick Castle - who played the murderous Shape in Halloween - and written by John Hughes, who seems to have cobbled it together from ideas left over from Home Alone. Mason Gamble just gets by as the mischievous imp; Walter Matthau, however, is brilliant as his long-suffering victim, Mr Wilson. The less said about the Switchblade Sam subplot, the better.


A well-meaning little boy with an inability to stay out of trouble is the bane of his curmudgeonly neighbour, Mr Wilson. But when a thief steals Wilson's coin collection, the tiny terror seizes the chance to make amends and come to the rescue. Slapstick comedy based on the comic strip, starring Walter Matthau, Mason Gamble, Joan Plowright, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

Cast & Crew

Mr Wilson Walter Matthau
Dennis Mitchell Mason Gamble
Martha Wilson Joan Plowright
Switchblade Sam Christopher Lloyd
Alice Mitchell Lea Thompson
Henry Mitchell Robert Stanton
Margaret Wade Amy Sakasitz
Joey Kellen Hathaway
Chief of Police Paul Winfield
Polly Natasha Lyonne
Mickey Devin Ratray
Gunther Hank Johnston
Andrea Melinda Mullins
Edith Butterwell Billie Bird
Edward Little Bill Erwin
Photographer Arnold Stang
Boss Ben Stein
Director Nick Castle
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Some violence.Available on: video
Comedy Children's