The Hour of Decision

The Hour of Decision

C Pennington Richards (1957)

A Certificate


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This tidy little whodunnit may not break the mould, but it packs in more than its fair share of surprises. Here the obligatory Hollywood star-on-the-skids is Jeff Morrow, who plays a journalist discovering his wife is implicated in a murder because of an adulterous affair. Fresh from her high-profile performance in Hammer's The Curse of Frankenstein, Hazel Court seems a little distracted, though Morrow gets better support from Lionel Jeffries and Anthony Dawson. Norman Hudis penned the script; a year later he achieved a kind of screen immortality by co-writing the first Carry On film.


An investigative reporter looks into the murder of a newspaper columnist, only to discover his wife was having an affair with the dead man - making her a likely suspect. He is convinced she is innocent and sets out to uncover the vital clues that will prove it before the police arrest her. Mystery, starring Jeff Morrow and Hazel Court.

Cast & Crew

Joe Sanders Jeff Morrow
Peggy Sanders Hazel Court
Elvin Main Lionel Jeffries
Garry Bax Anthony Dawson
Olive Bax Mary Laura Wood
Inspector Gower Carl Bernard
Eileen Chadwick Vanda Godsell
J Foster Green Alan Gifford
Waiter Marne Maitland
Director C Pennington Richards
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Tempean Films LtdAvailable on: DVD