Carson City

Carson City

Andre De Toth (1952)

U Certificate


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Randolph Scott stars as a trouble-shooting railway foreman in director Andre De Toth's roistering western, leading the fight against slumming villain Raymond Massey and his gang of bandits. De Toth had a good rapport with Scott, and this is one of the best of their several westerns together. It's also notable for being one of the first movies filmed in Warnercolor, Warner Bros's own short-lived rival to Technicolor. It was released in the UK on a double bill with the musical About Face, starring Gordon MacRae - now there's value for money!


A railway engineer plans to build a new track through an isolated prairie town, only to encounter opposition from residents concerned that bandits will make a beeline for the area. Before long, their suspicions prove well-founded, leading to confrontation and a race against time. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Lucille Norman and Don Beddoe.

Cast & Crew

Jeff Kincaid Randolph Scott
Susan Mitchell Lucille Norman
Big Jack Davis Raymond Massey
Alan Kincaid Richard Webb
Jim Squires James Millican
William Sharon Larry Keating
Hardrock Haggerty William Haade
Charles Crocker Thurston Hall
Henry Vince Barnett
Zeke Mitchell Don Beddoe
Henry Dodson George Cleveland
Director Andre De Toth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd