Ambush in Waco

Ambush in Waco

Nick Lowry (1993)

18 Certificate


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These days, when a major tragedy is breaking in the States, it seems that TV executives often beat the emergency services to the scene to sign up those all-important film rights. The competition must have been tough for this true story: the movie was started even before the notorious siege of the Christian fundamentalist stronghold in Waco, Texas, had reached its tragic conclusion. Timothy Daly stars as David Koresh, the psychotic leader of the cult who takes on the might of law and order, including Dan Lauria of The Wonder Years fame. Gripping, although faintly distasteful, stuff, efficiently directed by Dick Lowry.


Fact-based drama about the life of American religious leader David Koresh, whose belief in his own divinity eventually led to a violent and tragic confrontation with the authorities. Starring Timothy Daly and Dan Lauria.

Cast & Crew

Actor Timothy Daly
Actor Dan Lauria
Director Nick Lowry

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Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD