The Golden Disc

The Golden Disc

Don Sharp (1958)

U Certificate


Our Score
The coffee bar was the only place to be seen in the early rock 'n' roll years, but it is next to impossible to see how they became teen meccas from this risible British pop picture. In the very worst "it's trad, dad" manner, it shows how Lee Patterson and Mary Steele jazz up her aunt's coffee shop with a record booth and the singing talents of odd-jobman Terry Dene. The subplot about Dene's record deal being hijacked by unscrupulous grown-ups is made even more improbable by the lamentable quality of his soggy ballads. Well worth missing.


Light-hearted drama about a pop singer's rise to fame and fortune, and the tangled romantic relationships left scattered by the wayside. Lee Patterson, Mary Steele, Terry Dene and Linda Gray star.

Cast & Crew

Harry Blair Lee Patterson
Joan Farmer Mary Steele
Terry Dene Terry Dene
Aunt Sarah Linda Gray (1)
Mr Dryden Ronald Adam
Mr Washington Peter Dyneley
David Jacobs David Jacobs (1)
Recording engineer David Williams
Director Don Sharp
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Butchers Film Service LtdAvailable on: DVD