Thicker than Blood

Thicker than Blood

Richard Pearce (1998)

12 Certificate


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Based on the Bill Cain play Stand-Up Tragedy, this TV film features Hollywood bad boy Mickey Rourke in an uncharacteristic turn as a priest and mentor to a former student (Dan Futterman), who returns to teach at Rourke's inner-city mission school. The two come into conflict over Futterman's devotion to one particularly promising student. It's a story with built-in heart tugs and emotional appeal, strengthened by the good cast and steady direction by Richard Pearce (The Long Walk Home). There is not a lot of action, and its roots as a play too often show, but, in spite of being predictable, it is surprisingly palatable.


An idealist decides to spend a year working at a deprived inner-city school before continuing his own education. He is appalled at the levels of poverty, crime and apathy, but when one pupil shows talent as an artist, he vows to help the boy escape his surroundings, putting him at odds with the headmaster. Drama, starring Dan Futterman, Mickey Rourke and Carlo Alban.

Cast & Crew

Father Frank Larkin Mickey Rourke
Griffin Byrne Dan Futterman
Lee Cortez Carlo Alban
Camilla Lopez Lauren Velez
Burke Kendall Josh Mostel
Mitch James Peter Maloney
Director Richard Pearce
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD