Last of the Comanches

  • Andre De Toth (1952)
  • US
  • 85 min
Last of the Comanches
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2 out of 5

Broderick Crawford is not the most charismatic of western stars but he's effectively cast as the burly cavalry sergeant fleeing across the desert from an Indian massacre with a handful of fellow soldiers. They pick up others en route and keep the Comanches at bay from an abandoned mission. The long siege is moderately suspenseful under director Andre De Toth's handling, while the excellent photography and score deserve a better picture. This was originally shown in Britain as The Sabre and the Arrow.

Plot Summary

The six survivors of a cavalry unit massacred by Comanche renegades make an arduous journey across the desert to the safety of the nearest fort. Along the way, they join forces with the survivors of an attack on a stagecoach, only to find the hostile war party is still on their trail and their supply of water is running low. Western, starring Broderick Crawford, Barbara Hale and Lloyd Bridges.

Cast and crew


Sgt Matt Trainor
Broderick Crawford
Julia Lanning
Barbara Hale
Little Knife
Johnny Stewart
Jim Starbuck
Lloyd Bridges
Rusty Potter
Mickey Shaughnessy
Romany O'Rattigan
George Mathews
Denver Kinnaird
Hugh Sanders
Ric Roman


Andre De Toth

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