Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Michael Moore (1) (1966)

U Certificate


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Elvis Presley struck box-office gold with the massive hit Blue Hawaii back in 1961, and the combination of sun, surf, girls and song was too good to leave alone. Unfortunately, this time out, the formula looks decidedly shopworn, and this movie formed part of the downward spiral that would eventually destroy the on-screen credibility of the King of rock 'n' roll. Elvis himself reveals a disarmingly charming persona, but the thin plot and naff sequences with children, plus the unmemorable songs, undermine all his best efforts. Not as awful as the later vehicles, but all of those involved could do so much better, and once did.


A reckless singing pilot joins a friend in Hawaii, where they plan to go into business together running chartered helicopter flights. However, his irresponsible nature, tangled love life and dangerous flying threaten to ruin their enterprise. Musical, starring Elvis Presley, James Shigeta and Suzanna Leigh.

Cast & Crew

Rick Richards Elvis Presley
Judy Hudson Suzanna Leigh
Danny Kohana James Shigeta
Jan Kohana Donna Butterworth
Lani Marianna Hill
Pua Irene Tsu
Lehua Linda Wong
Director Michael Moore (1)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD