The Dam Busters

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  • Michael Anderson (1954)
  • UK
  • 119 min
The Dam Busters
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5 out of 5

This thrilling drama about the bouncing-bomb raid on the dams of the Ruhr valley is truly compelling viewing and stands among the best British movies about the Second World War. Indeed, thanks to its potent blend of scientific suspense and aerial action, accompanied by that stirring soundtrack, it has convinced generations of movie-watchers that the mission was a major turning point in the war rather than a risky venture that the brass hats considered something of a sideshow. Michael Redgrave puts a pinch too much bumbling boffin into his Barnes Wallis, but Richard Todd was never better as Wing Commander Guy Gibson, who led the raid.

Plot Summary

Classic wartime drama, starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave, about the audacious RAF mission to destroy the Ruhr dams with "bouncing" bombs designed by aeronautical engineer Barnes Wallis.

Cast and crew


Wing Commander Guy Gibson
Richard Todd
Dr Barnes N Wallis
Michael Redgrave
Mrs Wallis
Ursula Jeans
Sir Arthur Harris
Basil Sydney
Captain Joseph Summers
Patrick Barr
AVM Ralph Cochrane
Ernest Clark
Group Captain Whitworth
Derek Farr
Charles Carson
Sir David Pye
Stanley Van Beers
Dr W H Glanville
Colin Tapley
Flight Lieutenant Hopgood
John Fraser
Flight Lieutenant Maltby
George Baker
Flight Sergeant Pulford
Robert Shaw


Michael Anderson

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Black and White
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Optimum Releasing
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Released 7 Sep 2007
Certificate U