Silent Running

Silent Running

Douglas Trumbull (1971)

U Certificate


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Special-effects ace Douglas Trumbull (of 2001 fame) turned director with this ecologically based science-fiction thriller about the last of Earth's plant life preserved on the Valley Forge spaceship, lovingly cared for by space ranger Bruce Dern and his three cute "drone" robots. Dern mutinies when orders arrive to destroy the precious cargo. Although the film may seem rather hippy-influenced now - those syrupy Joan Baez ballads! - Trumbull's gentle direction highlights a sensitive performance by Dern, and there are some spectacular images of the spacecraft floating between planets, exploding suns and solar storms. Imaginative and much admired.


A scientist, with the help of his three robot assistants, tends a huge garden aboard a space station, created to replenish an Earth ravaged by nuclear warfare. But his superiors' decision to abandon the project prompts him to embark on a desperate course of action. Ecological sci-fi drama, starring Bruce Dern, with Cliff Potts and Ron Rifkin.

Cast & Crew

Freeman Lowell Bruce Dern
Wolf Cliff Potts
Barker Ron Rifkin
Keenan Jesse Vint
Drone Mark Persons
Drone Steven Brown
Drone Cheryl Sparks
Drone Larry Whisenhunt
Director Douglas Trumbull
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray