The Mirror Crack'd

The Mirror Crack'd

Guy Hamilton (1980)

A Certificate


Our Score
Adapted from Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side, this mediocre mystery gave Angela Lansbury the chance to rehearse her role as crime-solving novelist Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. Unfortunately, we are now too familiar with her subsequent persona for her role here as Miss Marple to seem new. Frankly, with the clash of the titans going on between Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novak, nobody else really gets a look in, not even Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson (in his penultimate picture).



Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Angela Lansbury
Marina Rudd Elizabeth Taylor
Marty N Fenn Tony Curtis
Inspector Craddock Edward Fox
Jason Rudd Rock Hudson
Ella Zielinsky Geraldine Chaplin
Lola Brewster Kim Novak
Sir Derek Ridgeley Anthony Steel
Lady Amanda Ridgeley Dinah Sheridan
Kate Ridgeley Oriana Grieve
Margot Bence Marella Oppenheim
Mayor Thick Wilson
Dr Haydock Richard Pearson (1)
Vicar Charles Lloyd Pack
The major Eric Dodson
Miss Giles Carolyn Pickles
Heather Babcock Maureen Bennett
Bates the butler Charles Gray
Mrs Bantry Margaret Courtenay
Cherry Wendy Morgan
Director Guy Hamilton
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Other Information

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