The Night Visitor

The Night Visitor

Laslo Benedek (1970)

X Certificate


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Very odd and rarely shown, this intriguing, arty horror movie was shot in Sweden by Hungarian director Laslo Benedek and stars a handful of Ingmar Bergman's repertory company of actors - Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Per Oscarsson. Von Sydow is a farmer accused of murder he didn't commit, who ingeniously escapes from his insane asylum prison nightly to kill the people who put him there. This spooky gothic thriller has a compelling atmosphere that's most unusual.


A man falsely declared insane and sent to an asylum for a murder his sister and her husband committed escapes to seek revenge. Horror starring Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann.

Cast & Crew

Salem Max von Sydow
Inspector Trevor Howard
Esther Jenks Liv Ullmann
Dr Anton Jenks Per Oscarsson
Clemens, the attorney Rupert Davies
Dr Kemp Andrew Keir
Director Laslo Benedek
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Scotia Barber