Murder 101: Locked Room Mystery

  • David S Cass Sr
Murder 101: Locked Room Mystery

Plot Summary

A professor of criminology and his private detective friend team up to investigate the curious death of a spiritualist, who died while leading a meditation session in a New Age bookshop. The murder weapon is found beside the body, but no one present at the meeting can recall what happened because they were all in a trance. Whodunit, starring Dick and Barry Van Dyke, with Susan Blakely.

Cast and crew


Dr Jonathan Maxwell
Dick Van Dyke
Mike Bryan
Barry Van Dyke
Camilla Meera
Susan Blakely
Jasmine Celestine
Wendy Glenn
Sheriff Bob Monroe
Glynn Turman
Donald Merit
Ned Schmidtke
Devi Kanesh
Anjul Nigam
Dr Connell
Pancho Demmings


David S Cass Sr