The Ninth Gate

  • 15
  • Roman Polanski (1999)
  • Fr / Sp / US
  • 127 min
The Ninth Gate
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3 out of 5

This largely successful return to the horror genre by Roman Polanski features sardonic wit, subtle suspense tricks and razor-sharp irony. Johnny Depp plays the rare books expert hired by billionaire Frank Langella to authenticate his copy of an ancient tome that was supposedly written in conjunction with the Devil. Based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte's bestseller El Club Dumas, this satisfying gothic chiller has moody atmosphere, a stunning score (from Wojciech Kilar) and sinister unease to spare as it leads the viewer up numerous garden paths to a disappointing hallucinatory climax.

Plot Summary

Supernatural thriller starring Johnny Depp as Dean Corso, a dealer in rare books, who is hired by a wealthy client to authenticate a priceless volume that is believed to hold the secret to conjuring up Satan.

Cast and crew


Dean Corso
Johnny Depp
Boris Balkan
Frank Langella
Liana Telfer
Lena Olin
The girl
Emmanuelle Seigner
Baroness Kessler
Barbara Jefford
Victor Fargas
Jack Taylor
Liana's bodyguard
Tony Amoni
James Russo


Roman Polanski

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Violence, a sex scene and nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Released 2 Jun 2000
Certificate 15

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