Reign of Fire

  • 12
  • Rob Bowman (2001)
  • US / UK / Ire
  • 97 min
Reign of Fire
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Film Review
Reviewed By
2 out of 5

If it weren't for the dragons, this far-fetched fantasy would have drowned in its own mediocrity. A skeletal, anticlimactic mess from Rob Bowman, director of The X-Files movie, it relies totally on its mythological flying fire-breathers to carry the film. The action is set in the near future, where these scaly monsters have overrun the world after being inadvertently unleashed by London Underground workers. While restricted to a handful of repetitious set pieces, the dragons' impressive presence is welcome relief from the laboured structure and a plot that's full of holes. In comparison, the actors are mere colourless support, with performances that range from hammy (Christian Bale) to simply wooden (Gerard Butler). The sole spark of humanity comes from Matthew McConaughey, whose gung-ho glee brings a hint of excitement and adventure to this hugely unsatisfying feature.

Plot Summary

Fantasy adventure starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. Present-day London: while working on a new construction site, London Underground workers inadvertently unleash a dragon that has slumbered for centuries. Twenty years later, the world is overrun and practically destroyed by the beast and its offspring, and mankind's only hope of survival lies with a small community of survivors in a remote part of England.

Cast and crew


Quinn Abercromby
Christian Bale
Denton Van Zan
Matthew McConaughey
Alex Jensen
Izabella Scorupco
Dave Creedy
Gerard Butler
Jared Wilke
Scott James Moutter
Eddie Stax
David Kennedy
Alexander Siddig
Ned Dennehy
Rory Keenan
Terence Maynard
Karen Abercromby
Alice Krige


Rob Bowman

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Buena Vista
Contains violence and some swearing.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Released 23 Aug 2002
Certificate 12