The Ruthless Four

The Ruthless Four


15 Certificate


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Directed by Giorgio Capitani (under the name George Holloway), this simmering spaghetti western is one of the last films made by the ever-reliable Van Heflin. As a prospector needing help to exploit a gold find in the Nevada hills, Heflin is forced to recruit estranged army buddy Gilbert Roland after prodigy George Hilton is led astray by psychotic stranger Klaus Kinski. There's plenty of gunplay during the cat-and-mouse game that follows, as outsiders try to steal the stake and Heflin struggles with who to trust. Abetted by Sergio D'Offizi's Techniscope camerawork, Capitani makes atmospheric use of the desert locale, as well as the excellent sound and a catchy Carlo Rustichelli guitar score. But, taking their cues from John Huston's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), screenwriters Augusto Caminito and Fernando Di Leo focus squarely on character motivation, as greed and mistrust impact upon friend and foe alike.


Four prospectors set out in search of gold, but when one of the group strikes it rich, his fellow fortune seekers are determined to take the precious metal for themselves. Western, starring Van Heflin and Klaus Kinski.

Cast & Crew

Actor Van Heflin
Actor Klaus Kinski
Actor Gilbert Roland
Actor George Hilton
Actor Sarah Ross
Producer Giorgio Capitani
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Language: EnglishColour