The Last Command

  • PG
  • Frank Lloyd (1955)
  • US
  • 105 min
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3 out of 5

Remember the Alamo? No, not John Wayne's mammoth epic, but this slightly earlier account, directed by veteran Frank Lloyd on what must have been Republic Studios' highest-ever budget. The tale is well told, with star Sterling Hayden an impressive Jim Bowie and veteran character actor Arthur Hunnicutt portraying a grizzled and probably accurate Davy Crockett. Richard Carlson as William Barrett Travis actually makes the classic line in the sand with his sword that is curiously missing from Wayne's otherwise definitive version, and there's a healthy air of historical accuracy all round. The end result is enjoyable, even if it's lacking in stature.

Plot Summary

Western starring Sterling Hayden. In 1830, Jim Bowie returns to Texas to find the white settlers are planning a rebellion against the increasingly despotic General Santa Anna. When all attempts at reconciliation fail, Bowie joins the Texans and prepares to face the might of the Mexican army.

Cast and crew


James Bowie
Sterling Hayden
Anna Maria Alberghetti
William Travis
Richard Carlson
Davy Crockett
Arthur Hunnicutt
Mike Radin
Ernest Borgnine
Santa Anna
J Carrol Naish
Jeb Lacey
Ben Cooper
Lt Dickinson
John Russell
Mrs Dickinson
Virginia Grey
Jim Davis (1)
Lorenzo De Quesada
Edward Franz
Stephen Austin
Otto Kruger
Russell Simpson
Dr Sutherland
Roy Roberts
Slim Pickens
Sam Houston
Hugh Sanders


Frank Lloyd

Other Information

Edited for violence.
Available on video
Certificate PG

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