Thunder in the City

Thunder in the City

Marion Gering (1937)

PG Certificate


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Seeing Edward G Robinson and Ralph Richardson acting their respective socks off is the juicy prospect offered by this comedy proving the old adage of America and England being two countries separated by a common language. Robinson is the hotshot Yank who arrives in London aiming to raise a million dollars to finance a mine in Africa; Richardson is the rather staid establishment banker he must win over. Nigel Bruce does a Dr Watson as Robinson's guide through the minefields of British class and etiquette. Robinson made this highly enjoyable film specifically to escape his screen image as a mobster.


An American businessman in England is drawn into a love triangle while hatching a plot to exploit mining in Rhodesia. Crime comedy, starring Edward G Robinson and Ralph Richardson.

Cast & Crew

Dan Armstrong Edward G Robinson
Manningdale Ralph Richardson
Lady Patricia Luli Deste
Director Marion Gering

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white
Comedy Drama