Red Rock West

Red Rock West

John Dahl (1992)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The Last Seduction was the film that finally made people stand up and take notice of director John Dahl, but this film noir thriller is almost its equal. Nicolas Cage, this time in a non-comic variation on his innocent dupe persona, plays the hapless drifter who is mistaken for a hitman by JT Walsh and sent to murder Walsh's wife (Lara Flynn Boyle). Things go from bad to worse when the real assassin (the demonic Dennis Hopper) turns up. The plot twists and turns deliciously, and Dahl's deft direction strikes a clever balance between knowing humour and genuine suspense. The performances are almost uniformly good, with only Boyle's unconvincing femme fatale letting the side down.


A drifter turns up in a small town with nothing but his wits to keep him going. A vengeful local with a bitter grudge mistakes the loner for a hitman, and offers him a hefty sum to carry out a double assassination. However, the reluctant killer intends to take the money and run - a dangerous plan that backfires when the real killer turns up. Thriller, with Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper and Lara Flynn Boyle.

Cast & Crew

Michael Williams Nicolas Cage
Lyle Dennis Hopper
Suzanne Brown Lara Flynn Boyle
Wayne Brown JT Walsh
Jim Craig Reay
Mr Johnson Vance Johnson
Howard Robert Apel
Kurt Dale Gibson
Director John Dahl
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD