Went the Day Well?

Went the Day Well?

Alberto Cavalcanti (1942)

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Our Score
This is without question the finest Home Front picture made during the Second World War. Adapted from Graham Greene's short story The Lieutenant Died Last, it depicts the seizure of a quiet English village by disguised Nazi soldiers in league with local quislings with such plausibility that it must have chilled contemporary audiences to the bone. Those watching today will be similarly struck by the steel beneath the quintessential Englishness of the villagers. What makes this such compelling cinema for viewers decades later is the realism and restraint with which director Alberto Cavalcanti tells his tale and the naturalistic playing of his splendid cast.


Villagers in a remote English village eagerly help a large group of Allied troops billeted in their town, but when they realise the soldiers are disguised German paratroopers acting as the vanguard of an invasion, they must pull together to thwart the enemy. Second World War drama, directed by Alberto Cavalcanti and based on a story by Graham Greene, starring Leslie Banks, Basil Sydney, Mervyn Johns and Marie Lohr.

Cast & Crew

Oliver Wilsford Leslie Banks
Ortler Basil Sydney
Mrs Frazer Marie Lohr
Sims Mervyn Johns
Peggy Elizabeth Allen
Tom Sturry Frank Lawton
Nora Ashton Valerie Taylor
Poacher Edward Rigby
Vicar CV France
Jung David Farrar
George Truscott Harry Fowler
Director Alberto Cavalcanti
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: BFIAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray