The Strange World of Planet X

The Strange World of Planet X

Gilbert Gunn (1957)

PG Certificate


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Perhaps because the hysterical levels of 1950s Cold War paranoia that swept America never reached the same heights here, Britain never really went for big insect movies. However, the odd ones did slip out and here Forrest Tucker is the obligatory square-jawed imported American out to stop irradiated bugs taking over the world. Cheap and cheerful fun.


A team of scientists stumbles upon a method of creating powerful magnetic fields, unaware that a side-effect is the mutation of insects into giant killers. Sci-fi drama, starring Forrest Tucker and Gaby Andre.

Cast & Crew

Actor Forrest Tucker
Actor Gaby Andre
Actor Martin Benson
Director Gilbert Gunn

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Allied Alliance LtdAvailable on: DVD