The Comeback

The Comeback

Peter Walker (1977)

18 Certificate


Our Score
1970s crooner Jack Jones starring in a horror movie? That's about the scariest thing in this far-fetched gothic tale about an American singer recording a new album in an isolated English country manor full of dead bodies, including his ex-wife's. Director Pete Walker's heavy-handed crossbreed of rock and horror draws on numerous genre clichés, from The Old Dark House to Psycho. Alas, it offers up no decent chills of its own - only a catalogue of ever more gory murders and festering corpses. There isn't even the satisfaction of guessing who the murderer is, the identity of whom is telegraphed long in advance. Look out for a pre-Not the Nine O'Clock News Pamela Stephenson in a rare straight role.


A singer goes into hiding in a spooky mansion hoping to get inspiration for new songs, only to find the house is haunted by the ghost of his wife. He soon begins to suspect that someone close to him may have killed her, and tries to uncover the truth. Supernatural thriller, starring Jack Jones and Pamela Stephenson.

Cast & Crew

Nick Cooper Jack Jones
Linda Everett Pamela Stephenson
Webster Jones David Doyle
Mr B Bill Owen
Mrs B Sheila Keith
Gail Cooper Holly Palance
Harry Peter Turner
Macauley Richard Johnson
Director Peter Walker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD