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Mary Harron (2010)

15 Certificate


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Rachel Klein's 2002 young adult novel was ahead of its time - it predated the whole Twilight teen vampire sensation by several years - but this belated film adaptation arrives a little too late; moody, adolescent bloodsuckers have become rather passé. Sarah Bolger plays a troubled 16-year-old at a posh girls' boarding school, who becomes concerned that her best friend (Sarah Gadon) is falling under the spell of a mysterious new student (British model-turned-actress Lily Cole), who never seems to eat, loves the night and whose enemies have a nasty habit of turning up dead. Bolger is convinced she's a vampire, but is it all in her head? Unfortunately, it's a question director Mary Harron (American Psycho) never really gets to grips with: while she saturates the film in gothic tones, teenage angst and Sapphic references, it's a little too ethereal for its own good and meanders to an unsatisfying climax.


Rebecca, a teenager disturbed by a recent tragedy, returns to her girls' school, where an eccentric new pupil has developed a close relationship with her best friend Lucy. A series of unexplained deaths and strange changes in Lucy's personality leaves Rebecca convinced that the new arrival is a vampire whom she must destroy. Horror, starring Sarah Bolger, Sarah Gadon and Lily Cole.

Cast & Crew

Rebecca Sarah Bolger
Lucy Sarah Gadon
Ernessa Lily Cole
Charley Valerie Tian
Dora Melissa Farman
Sofia Laurence Hamelin
Miss Bobbie Kathleen Fee
Kiki Gia Sandhu
Director Mary Harron
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Lionsgate UKGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, drug abuse, brief nudity.Available on: DVDReleased on: 24 May 2013