The Great Gabbo

The Great Gabbo




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Considering he arrived on the set of this hokey melodrama fully aware that the disaster of his extravagant melodrama Queen Kelly had all but signalled the end of his illustrious directing career, Erich von Stroheim gives an outstanding performance as the egomaniacal ventriloquist who allows his dummy to speak the words of his heart. Based on a story by Ben Hecht and directed with no little style by James Cruze, the film slows slightly in the second half to accommodate a number of vaudeville acts (which were originally shown in somewhat blurred colour). But it's impossible to take your eyes off von Stroheim whenever he's on screen.


Musical drama starring Erich von Stroheim, Donald Douglas and Betty Compson. A handsome ventriloquist is in love with a dancer who is in love with another.

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