House of Whipcord

House of Whipcord

Pete Walker (1974)

18 Certificate


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Dismayed by the permissive society, a dithery old judge and his stern mistress turn their home into a house of correction where girls of loose morals (and looser costumes) are imprisoned, chastised, flogged and finally hanged. Most newspaper critics who bothered to see this exploitation movie soundly rubbished it. However, a minority saw it as an allegory about censorship and the Mary Whitehouse brigade, and a satire on Britain's right wing who wished to see the return of capital punishment - the film is provocatively dedicated to them.


A French model befriends a strange man at a party and agrees to come home to meet his parents. She soon finds herself trapped in a disused prison taken over by a puritanical elderly couple, who seek to punish women whom they judge as immoral. Horror, starring Penny Irving, Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr and Ray Brooks.

Cast & Crew

Ann-Marie Di Verney Penny Irving
Mrs Wakehurst Barbara Markham
Justice Bailey Patrick Barr
Tony Ray Brooks
Julia Ann Michelle
Mark E Desade Robert Tayman
Barbara Celia Imrie
Walker Sheila Keith
Director Pete Walker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD