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Grand Central

Rebecca Zlotowski (2013)

15 Certificate


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A nuclear power station might seem an unlikely setting for an erotically charged drama but in French writer/director Rebecca Zlotowski's flamboyant second feature it adds further jeopardy to an already dangerous liaison, while the plant's working practices have a comparably dubious morality. A Prophet's Tahar Rahim is the restless protagonist, joining a transient band of subcontractors who - fuelled by the need to trust one's co-workers in this most hazardous of environments - have fused to form an unconventional family. He's befriended by an imposing but avuncular veteran (the Robert Mitchum-esque Denis Ménochet) before becoming passionately entangled with the man's fiancée (Léa Seydoux). The lovers hardly speak, with the kinetic camerawork and expressive, avant-garde score communicating their heightened emotions and animal attraction. Rahim makes for a complex, convincing lead yet Seydoux remains a strutting, pouting enigma. At the helm Zlotowski takes admirable risks, and the result is a flawed, provocative curio.


Itinerant labourer Gary finds employment with a group of subcontractors who provide decontamination services at a nuclear power station, where radiation poses a constant hazard. But he adds to his personal risk in more ways than one when he begins an affair with Karole, the fiancee of his domineering middle-aged boss Toni. Romantic drama, starring Tahar Rahim, Lea Seydoux and Denis Menochet. In French.

Cast & Crew

Gary Manda Tahar Rahim
Karole Lea Seydoux
Gilles Olivier Gourmet
Toni Denis Menochet
Tcherno Johan Libereau
Maria Nozha Khouadra
Isaac Nahuel Perez Biscayart
Geraldine Camille Lellouche
Director Rebecca Zlotowski
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Other Information

Language: French +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalGuidance: Swearing, nudity.Available on: DVDReleased on: 18 Jul 2014