The Last Horror Movie

The Last Horror Movie

Julian Richards (2003)

18 Certificate


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Drawing on low-budget shockers such as The Blair Witch Project, Man Bites Dog and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer for inspiration, this thriller is doubtless meant to be provocative and controversial, but it just tries too hard. The film follows the "exploits" of serial killer Max Parry (Kevin Howarth), who interrupts verité video footage of his appallingly brutal crimes with speeches delivered to camera in which he attempts to explain his nihilist motives and challenges the audience to continue to watch. While it initially grabs the attention, the movie's pseudo-intellectual overtones sit uneasily with its more obvious exploitation elements and the extreme violence will certainly be too much for some audiences. The central conceit, which won't be revealed here, will play much better when the movie comes out on video and DVD, which is where the curious would be advised to view it.


A wedding photographer leads a double life as a mass murderer, and recruits an assistant to document both his daily life and his brutal crimes, as well as his thoughts on the things that drive him to kill - and that compel the audience for his work to watch. Horror, starring Kevin Howarth, Mark Stevenson and Antonia Beamish.

Cast & Crew

Max Kevin Howarth
The assistant Mark Stevenson
Petra Antonia Beamish
Sam Christabel Muir
John Jonathan Coote
Grandma Rita Davies
Ben Joe Morley
Nico Jamie Langthorne
Director Julian Richards
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: TartanAvailable on: DVD