Duane Hopkins (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Having impressed on his debut with the social realist restraint of Better Things (2008), writer/director Duane Hopkins veers into lamentable self-indulgence with this formulaic study of domestic boredom. The arty "Brit-crime" trappings are every bit as miscalculated as the melodramatic use of lens flare and slow motion. Yet, despite the fussily fidgety visuals, this still manages to pack an emotional punch, as twentysomething Tim (George MacKay) turns to crime to care for his rebellious younger sister (Lara Peake) and pregnant girlfriend (Charlotte Spencer). Indeed, Hopkins even manages to make convincing metaphorical use of the mysterious illness blighting Tim and just about gets away with contrasting his older brother (Benjamin Dilloway) and grandfather (Donald Sumpter) in positing a crisis in British masculinity. But, for all the doughty naturalism of the performances, the photography, editing and sound design, the film feels overly detached from the reality it is supposed to be conveying.


A physically frail and kind-hearted young man struggles to cope with the daily pressures of life on a violent council estate. His life becomes ever more dangerous and complex as his health declines and he struggles to care for his terminally ill mother and wayward sister. Crime drama, starring George MacKay and Benjamin Dilloway.

Cast & Crew

Tim George MacKay
Greg Benjamin Dilloway
Lilly Charlotte Spencer
Grandfather Donald Sumpter
Lester Matt Cross
Helen Lara Peake
Mark Anton Saunders
Emily Chanel Creswell
Director Duane Hopkins
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Third FilmsReleased on: 10 Apr 2015