The Man in the Sky

The Man in the Sky

Charles Crichton (1956)

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Although he excelled at playing principled everymen, Jack Hawkins was never at his most convincing when called upon to express emotion. Thus, he's culpable of contributing a rather uneven performance to this mediocre Ealing outing about the trials and tribulations of a test pilot. While at the controls of a prototype aeroplane, he's every inch the action hero - particularly during the final test flight, when he ignores the fact his crew has baled out so his firm can secure a lucrative contract. But once Hawkins gets home to demanding wife Elizabeth Sellars, Charles Crichton's melodrama loses all sense of direction. Not one of ace screenwriter William Rose's best efforts.


A test pilot struggling to support his family flies an experimental aircraft for the first time, but learns the manufacturers' future and his career hinge on the flight being a success. When disaster strikes in mid-air, he takes drastic action to resolve the situation. Drama, starring Jack Hawkins and Elizabeth Sellars.

Cast & Crew

John Mitchell Jack Hawkins
Mary Mitchell Elizabeth Sellars
Nicholas Mitchell Jeremy Bodkin
Philip Mitchell Gerard Lohan
Reginald Conway Walter Fitzgerald
Peter Hook John Stratton
Ashmore Eddie Byrne
Joe Biggs Victor Maddern
Director Charles Crichton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white